Foster Genders Equality in Sports – FAMS Project

Foster Genders Equality in Sports – FAMS Project

Although women are equal to men under the law, they are not equal under the sports. This is what we grew up with and this is what we always known.

Women can do almost anything that men can do, but the way they are viewed within the athletics world does not match their actual abilities.


There is scientific evidence that indicates that men are biologically stronger and faster and their sports is considered more entertaining, filled with greater excitement and action.


Compared to men, female athletes are feminized by the media coverage who claims that girls and women may be athletes, but they are female first. So, women are treated unequally and inferior to men though both representation and sexual portrayal.


Even if we’re speaking about Women Leadership Positions within Sport Organisations, for example, the Execute Boards of the International Olympic and Paralympic Committees count only 3 women and 11 men. Also only 11 women, against 195 men, are presidents of National Olympic Committees. There are 14% women in decision-making positions and only 5% women are presidents in the National Sport Federations.



What can we do about that?


We should stop comparing men to women and their actual abilities in sport. Yes, it’s true, men are stronger, faster etc., but they can’t compete against each other. When it comes to leadership, they should be equal and they should have equal chances.


Women should be encouraged to take the lead in sport committees and federations and even to be involved in women and men management teams.


No matter what a female athlete looks like, how she acts, or who she is as a person, there are some amazingly talented women in sports and and we should fostering gender equality in sports.



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